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2022 Interior Design Trends

2022 Interior Design Trends

Lets Welcome in February 2022 with an Interior design Trends Read. This year is moving quickly and we are overdue for some trends that will be here to stay.

1. Natural Wood

Natural woods are making a comeback in the in the interior of your home. The element of adding natural wood brings elegance, warmth and sensibility. The natural wood moldings, flooring, paneling, and various trim can create a dimension and character in a space. Soothing shades of beige and natural wood tone are mingled to create a light and modestly luxurious living space. Using natural wood to design the interior of your office or home is a perfect choice that brings natural beauty and perfect aesthetic value to your interior. Having natural wood for your floor or wall will bring a mesmerizing beauty that will look like you are in an exotic park or walkway. Natural wood is easy to work with and can fit into different interior design applications. It can be used to design floor, walls, window frames and many other applications. It can also be stained or painted to revitalize and change their appearance.


Natural wood provides a clean and beautiful space that makes designing creative and enhances the beauty of a home. Here at Southern Care Design we enjoy using natural wood as a transition piece to a room to provide separation of tiles, textiles and movement.

2. Velvet

The Velvet trend gives a room not only a warmth but also a cozy feel. Utilizing velvet in upholstery, pillows, and drapes will provide texture and color to any space. Durable, soft and with a richness of color unlike any other fabric, velvet today can work in both a traditional as well as contemporary settings. From the simple velvet ribbon tie for utensils, to a long draping velvet tablecloth, making velvet work in your dining space can be as minimal or extravagant as you like! One of the most popular choices when it comes to including velvet in a decorating scheme is to use in upholstery. Armchairs, sofas, headboards, or ottomans, a piece of furniture covered in a beautiful rich shade of velvet, speaks of luxury and taking a pleasure in one’s surroundings. But it’s not only luxury furnishings where the trend for this fabric is seeing resurgence. Velvet-style carpet is also on the rise in terms of popularity, while cushions and curtains have never really lost their allure. 


Velvet brings luxurious, elegance, and royalty to a room. The dramatic and dark tones still work wonderfully if you want to create a sense of drama, while the red and blue palette offers a variety of rich hues, exuding a unique jewel-like quality. Meanwhile, softer more recent color palettes of creams and pale greens are fast becoming a popular choice when recreating a Nordic or more contemporary room design.

3. Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor living spaces are on the rise and has became a more practical upgrade that is being added to incorporate integrating interior and exterior spaces. Most of us have been restricted for long periods in our homes over the past year, unable to invite friends and families to visit. Being outdoors has become one of the safer places for people to be during the pandemic. Porches are great at improving curb appeal and provide a space to enjoy no matter the weather, as they are covered structures. As for patios, they are an attractive and affordable way to have a private space in the backyard. Patios are very durable and easy to maintain and there are infinite options to personalize them. Adding outdoor kitchens makes it more convenient on those beautiful summer days and fall evenings. The luxury of being able to have all your attraction in one place. Since we are spending a significant amount of time outdoors. Why not… have the exterior of your homes just as cozy as the indoors.


4. Shades of Green

Using shades of green has made its way back to the scene. The shades of green are popular in eccentric, coastal, contemporary, and bohemian styles. The shade can be used to make a bold statement in a clean palette. As almost every shade of green has links to nature and the outside it makes the brain relax and ease stress. Sage is a great color for bathrooms that provides a reminiscent of eucalyptus leaves, which are often used in spas, making this the perfect hue for those wanting a peaceful respite in their space.

5. Casual Collected Living

The look features softer, lighter paint colors, raw wood tones and a mix of cabinet fronts and styles. This light, layered design keeps the eye moving, provides visual texture and nuance and delivers a style that appears put together over time in a relaxed way. Minimal with a collected feel is what we call “Casual Collected Living”. Casual living promotes having on display your memories, statement pies and including an area that is highly functional. This particular style screams personality but still a clean and airy space.

As an interior designer specializing in functional homes for families, Southern Care Design blends on-trend pieces with timeless elements. If you are ready to swap out your current kitchen design elements for something totally fresh, the New-market-based designer shares her insider observations on interior design trends in 2022.

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