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2022 Interior Design Trends

Lets Welcome in February 2022 with an Interior design Trends Read. This year is moving quickly and we are overdue for some trends that will be here to stay. 1. Natural Wood Natural woods are making a comeback in the in the interior of your home. The element of adding natural wood brings elegance, warmth and sensibility. The natural wood […]

Tips for the Prefect Room

Finding the Perfect Mix Finding the perfect amount of color and incorporating different styles can be very difficult when working in a smaller or even larger space. Somethings to look for is….. 1. Amount of lighting. Some colors portray one color or show the undertones depending on the lighting that it will receive. Example Grays can have different undertones such as […]

Importance of a Curb Appeal

Curb Appeal is the start of having a beautiful home. Because it is the first thing that you see. Although, during the fall you do not have too many options that bloom. You can always decorate your yard with beautiful grown coverings and greenery. Here are a couple of tips to have a beautiful planter that will definitely make a curb appeal. Step […]

Why hire and Interior Designer

Why Choose an Interior Designer? Great Question! Interior Design is not only about having someone critique your home. Interior designers are creative individuals that design functional spaces based on one’s personality. Okay, you probably would say that this sounds easy and I can not see paying someone to do this service for me. Well, let’s talk design… It can become complicated when […]

Patio Bliss | 100 Reveal

This patio has to be one of the most beautiful outdoor patios that Southern Care design has designed. This project was started in the midst of spring and was just in time for summer BBQs. We utilized a beautiful blue color for this project  The color blue and accenting it with gray can come off as cold so bringing in […]

Mixed Element Bedroom | 100 Reveal

WELCOME SPRING! It has been so beautiful in Charleston, South Carolina. Southern Care Design has been booked and busy. Our newest install was amazing and we would love to share with you a piece of our world. While designing this project our main focus was TEXTURE and more TEXTURE. Adding texture into your room is a design technique that will […]

Kitchen Inspiration | 231 Reveal

This beautiful 1985 home was a charm on it own. We were extremely excited to take on this kitchen and living room renovation. The beautiful hardwood cabinets were a must keep in this project. We utilized this beautiful tone of gray that accented the newly installed countertops. The countertops had many warm colors such as tans, browns, and grays. As […]

Meet the Designer Jessica

Jessica has been working with Southern Care Corporation since 2012. In her career with Southern Care Corporation she started assisting our team with website creation, marketing, and human resources. After completing her Masters Degree, Jessica joined our team of designers with Southern Care Design. Jessica is knowledgeable of color, fine details, upholstery, and soft-goods. During her free time she enjoys […]