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Meet the Designer Jessica

Meet the Designer Jessica

Jessica has been working with Southern Care Corporation since 2012. In her career with Southern Care Corporation she started assisting our team with website creation, marketing, and human resources. After completing her Masters Degree, Jessica joined our team of designers with Southern Care Design. Jessica is knowledgeable of color, fine details, upholstery, and soft-goods. During her free time she enjoys traveling, being with family and studying law journals.

Jessica’s educational background gives an expertise in 3D Modeling, Virtual Designing, Color consulting and home d├ęcor consulting.

Jessica’s Bachelor’s Degree from Charleston Southern University and a Master’s of Arts from Webster University. She is currently pursuing a law degree. Jessica has a strong eye for detail and project management. She has worked on numerous projects that detailed Project Management. Jessica enjoys decorating, DIYing furniture, technology, and law.

She thoroughly reads all contracts and likes to ensure that her clients are treated fairly. Most importantly, she ensures that her clients understand all documents, processes, and procedures. 

Jessica’s expertise is ensuring that all contractors and vendors produce high-quality services and materials according to the timeline. She researches fine details in the design and the production along with ensuring the design is functional. Her specialties are coastal, eclectic, modern, traditional and rustic glam.

In the Southern Charmed Palace, Jessica has created designs and projects in all budgets. She enjoys upcycling furniture in order to keep her clients within budget if needed. What’s amazing about the Southern Charmed Palace is that Jessica created an office and a dressing room from all upcycled thrift store furniture. You would be in wow once you see how beautiful the rooms are. In Jessica’s spare time she runs a Youtube Channel call Jessie’s Vital Spark where she documents her lifestyle, DIY Projects, and Beauty. 

Let’s Get a Little Personal…

Jessica is a very outgoing and strong-willed individual who likes order. Her personality screams fun, elegant and luxury. Ok, let’s paint a small picture of her style. She loves introducing color in her styles rather its farmhouse or modern. 

“Every home should have its own style with a little glam rather it is with modern pieces or with flare”. 
Jessica has an eye for design, such as adjusting colors in the home based upon the amount of lighting that the home receives. She loves having simplicity with a dramatic statement. If we could give Jessica a nickname it would be a colorologist. Because of her vast skills in lighting, lighting placement and color. 

Late 2019, Myron and Jessica Wiggins will be opening up “The Southern Charmed Palace” for viewing. Southern Care Design, hopes to see you very soon rather it is for cocktails or oysters.

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