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Importance of a Curb Appeal

Importance of a Curb Appeal

Curb Appeal is the start of having a beautiful home. Because it is the first thing that you see. Although, during the fall you do not have too many options that bloom. You can always decorate your yard with beautiful grown coverings and greenery.

Here are a couple of tips to have a beautiful planter that will definitely make a curb appeal.

Step 1: Choose a beautiful Planter Pot.
Step 2 Ensure that the pot has the appropriate drainage
Step 3 Choose some beautiful flowers
Step 4 Choose flowers that will have the appropriate amount of sunlight for the area that you will be putting your pot.
– Step 4 plays a major role in having a beautiful flower pot. If you
Step 5 Plant the flowers, leaving enough room for you to water the flowers.

A curb appeal is very important because it sets the mood to walk into your home. It gives you the feeling of having an inviting and relaxing home. This planter tutorial is non-expensive and it gives your exterior a beautiful vibe. I can hardly wait till the flowers start to bloom. The lilies will have a beautiful white bloom and the coleus will start to trail out of the pot.

When picking an arrangement of flowers to go into your pot. You want to ensure that you look at the dimensions of the plant once it grows. This will give you an idea of the placement of the flowers. I used trailing flowers because I love how they come out of the pot and gives the area color.

Happy Planting

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