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Mixed Element Bedroom | 100 Reveal

Mixed Element Bedroom | 100 Reveal


It has been so beautiful in Charleston, South Carolina. Southern Care Design has been booked and busy. Our newest install was amazing and we would love to share with you a piece of our world.

While designing this project our main focus was TEXTURE and more TEXTURE. Adding texture into your room is a design technique that will allow you to brighten a space while utilizing beautiful patterns, textures and solid colors.  In the 100 Strong Resident project, we incorporated many patterns/textures such as chenille, linen, and cotton. 

The linen texture in the throw pillows also included a cotton ball design. These throw pillows are very gorgeous and give a clean and relaxing look. To warm up the room we utilized two ivory throw pillows that had a beautiful metallic detailed leaf design.

Mixing different prints are definitely a trend that will be here to stay. It gives the room dimension and makes it fun.  Our client requested to use blush because of her recent love for a sweater that was a blush color. The blush color accented her Quart countertops very well. These beautiful Egyptian

 cotton hand towels were a perfect match to bring springtime into the master bathroom. On the bathroom countertops we utilized this beautiful decorative tray that handmade in
 India. To enhance the beauty of the countertops we mixed metals with the satin nickel and brass on the decorative jars.

Bedding can add a beautiful touch to a room. It sets the mood in the room. The warmer the colors the more relaxing the cooler the colors the cleaner the space looks. In the 100 Strong family’s resident,  they love the minimal look with a clean feeling. We incorporated Chenille duvet as the bedding to give that warm texture look into the room. SCD clients for this home is from Missouri and wanted a comforter that was light weight but gave them a very luxurious feel. The Chenille fabric is amazingly soft and light weight. With this beautiful duvet it makes it possible for our client to be very versatile in her future styling of her bed.

Furniture space planning plays a major role in getting the perfect space. By moving the bed in between the two windows will provide beautiful natural lighting and a view of the furniture from the doorway. Working with this amazing family is such a joy because we are able to incorporate their personalities into the home.

Southern Care Design has created before and after photos of the 100 Strong Resident that can be viewed here.

Until next time: Stay Blessed and Beautiful!
Southern Care Design

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