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Tips for the Prefect Room

Tips for the Prefect Room

Finding the Perfect Mix

Finding the perfect amount of color and incorporating different styles can be very difficult when working in a smaller or even larger space. Somethings to look for is…..

1. Amount of lighting.

Some colors portray one color or show the undertones depending on the lighting that it will receive. Example Grays can have different undertones such as purple, tan, blue, green, etc. Check the amount of lighting and swatch different colors while the sun is high, midway and low. This will give you an expectation of the color once it is applied to the room. Most importantly wait till the color has dried to judge it because they tend to get lighter or darker as they dry.

2. Contrast with surrounding decor/millwork.

Before painting the walls ensure that the colors from the decor do not leave a shadow that makes the wall color look different. An example is with olive color it can portray more of a brown tone in your wall color and could cause your colors to clash.

3. The look you are trying to achieve

Gather ideas about the look that you are doing. Normally Southern Care Design does swatches on paper and on the wall. We enjoy utilizing design boards and paint schemes before we do our painting.

4. Satin, Glossy, or Matte…

When choosing colors look at different finishes inside the home. Finishes can make a color look different in your home once the lights bounce off the finish. Glossy finishes can also provide small glares or reflections on parts of the home. Utilizing the appropriate finish for each area is key and important. FYI some finishes will show wall imperfections more than others.

5. The functionality of the Space

Understanding the functionality of the room is very important as well. Example children may play in the room and you may want to stay away from whites or non-wipeable paint textures.

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