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Why hire and Interior Designer

Why hire and Interior Designer

Why Choose an Interior Designer?

Great Question! Interior Design is not only about having someone critique your home. Interior designers are creative individuals that design functional spaces based on one’s personality. Okay, you probably would say that this sounds easy and I can not see paying someone to do this service for me. Well, let’s talk design… It can become complicated when a person sees so many different styles and they like them all. Then you have a space that does not flow or looks cluttered. Cluttered does not necessarily mean junky but can be seen as busy. Interior Designers will take all your wants and formulate a design to include the perfect shades, tones, functionality, and accessories. I’m going to tell you about a friend of mine who was in need of an Interior Designer. I hope she does not get upset with me for this one. She would come to other family members homes, model homes, and research Pinterest for home inspiration. My friend would like a little from this person home and little from other people homes. What she was not taking into consideration was that her lifestyle was not accommodating nor was her home accommodating to the design elements that she liked from other peoples home. Okay, this is not saying that she could not have the best of both worlds. It is saying that it needed some tweaking to make it work. Okay, let me give you an example…
My friend loved this oversized sectional seating that she had seen at her family members home. It was a beautiful sectional and complemented their space perfectly because they had a large enough space to accommodate for the sectional. Of course, my friend had to go get the same sectional but instead got it in a bright burgundy red. The sectional was extremely big for her space. The sectional protruded all the way into her kitchen space blocking her Island Bar. Literally, the sectional allowed approximately 8 inches of walking space.  
To make her living room feel homelier she continued to fill the space with large decor items such as flower pots, coffee table, large recliners, large television. I guess she was thinking to go big or go home. She kept complaining that the living room lacked character and felt cramped. The problem was that the items that she liked were too large for her living room. Pinterest can have your style everywhere but also make you spend a tone of unnecessary money. All because you like everything in the post and later you find yourself stuck with a ton of decor, different paint, and unnecessary time spent.  At this point, my friend realized that she had spent a ton of money online and for furniture that was not functional for her living room.

Southern Care Design had to give her space a major update. I was able to find her a more accommodating sectional with beautiful subtle color so she could play with some brighter colors. She loved the new sectional that gave her more walking room and was more inviting. Her living room was functional and she was able to get bar seating for her kitchen island bar! 
Interior Designers are able to source and find products that you ordinarily would not be able to find or get at a reasonable price. 
#1 Interior Designers save you money in the long run

 #2 Interior Designers have GREAT attention to detail

 #3 Interior Designers keep up with Interior Trends & Fashion

#4 Interior Designers space plan for furniture and fixtures

#5 Interior Designers design functional spaces
Plus much more.

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